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One on One classes

You can book into my massage studio for a one on one Infant Massage lesson.  During this time I will teach you massage techniques on my teaching baby, while you massage your baby.  I typically require two 1hr sessions booked about 2-3 weeks apart.


Many families with insurance coverage will be able to claim this class under their baby’s massage coverage, as I am a Registered Massage Therapist.


These sessions are ideal for babies from 3 weeks - crawling.  Once they are moving they are not super happy to lie still for any reason, even a great massage!


To make your first appointment, please look at my schedule below and choose a time that works best for you!

Group Classes

My group Infant Massage classes are now exclusively offered as part of a 10 week new parenting group called Managing Motherhood.  My friend and registered social worker Anna-Marie and I run these groups throughout the year, with new groups starting every January, April and September. 

These groups are:

- a weekly group for new ( and experienced) moms

-a safe space to share your parenting worries and hear from other moms

-a place to find mom friends you can relate to and connect with

-a place you can get the answers you have been googling, but from real live professionals!

Want more informations? Email me!


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