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My Philosophy

I believe to achieve optimal health and wellness one must find a proper balance in life ~ body, mind and spirit. I feel for many of us this is something we continue working towards throughout our lives and the many changes a lifetime can bring.


My practice is based on using massage therapy for optimal health. I believe massage directly contributes to your physical wellbeing, as well as a rejuvenation of mind and spirit.

I also believe that there can be no greater way to bring your baby into this world than in a calm, relaxed environment free of fear and tension, giving mom and baby their best start possible in their journey together.


Knowledge is power, and by educating ourselves, we give ourselves options we may have never known were available to us.


“Janna's healing massages have soothed many of my aching muscles and have helped my body prepare and recover from different stresses.  Janna has such a  professional demeanour and really is an expert in her field!”
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My Story

My name is Janna Sarazin and I am the mother of three energetic kids. I have had the priviledge of being at home with them during their young years and wouldn't have traded this experience for the world. With the support of my loving partner Geoff, I have also taken on a few different part time business ventures, one of which has always been massage therapy. I am thrilled to be focussing all of my career attention back to holistic health, specifically therapeutic and prenatal massage and positive childbirth education.


I have been a practicing registered massage therapist for 20 years. I took my 2200 hr remedial massage therapy course at the Massage Therapy College of Manitoba in Winnipeg, MB.


For the last decade I have dedicated all of my continuing education on perinatal health and adding to my skill set. My goal is to support my clients as they transition through Pregnancy, birth, postpartum and beyond as smoothly and comfortably as possible.


My Training

Registered Massage Therapist

Massage Therapy College of Manitoba 1999-2001

HypnoBirthing® Practitioner

Instructor: Vivan Keeler in Port Orchard, WA  2014


HypnoBirthing® Infant Massage Practitioner

Instructor: Kim Young in San Diego, CA 2016

Advanced Prenatal Massage Therapist

Instructor: Axiom Career College, Saskatoon, SK 2017

Spinning Babies Workshop

Instructor: Tammy Ryan, Winnipeg, Mb 2018

Spinning Babies Aware Practitioner Training

Instructors: Nicole Morales and Jamie Mossay, San Diego CA 2022

Body Ready Method Pro Training

Instructors: Lindsay McCoy and Lauren Ohayon

Oct 2023 - March 2024

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