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Infant Massage Classes

You are adjusting to your life with your new baby and you’re looking for some extra support.  You want to learn some techniques so you can help your little one feel more calm and relaxed.  Perhaps they are having some specific issues with their tummy that you wish you could help them with, but you’re just not quite sure what to do.


You have checked out some Youtube videos on different techniques but you are still left wanting more information and support.  You are looking for more coaching and guidance, where you can discuss all the questions you have with an experienced Infant Massage therapist.


You want to feel empowered to read your baby’s cues and have the knowledge to know how to soothe them.  You want to connect more deeply with your baby, you want to enjoy these first few months with them, (even through sleepless nights!) and you want to feel connected to your partner as you bond as a new family.


This is entirely possible for you.

In my Infant Massage course, I help you to:


  • Learn tools and techniques that can help relax not only your baby, but you as well, so that you’re both spending more time in your happy place

  • Empower you with the specific massage techniques to help settle your baby’s tummy troubles so they are more comfortable and content throughout the day.   

  • Understand your baby’s different cues and how to better understand their cries so that you can calm them more quickly.  

  • Learn some sinus and chest congestion techniques to help your little one clear out any congestion, especially during their first cold so they can breath easier and sleep more soundly..  

  • Guide you through a step by step 20 minute daily massage routine for you to build into your baby’s day as a way to connect, relax and enjoy some bonding time together


The pressure and uncertainty we feel as parents in today’s world is unreal: are we holding them too much, not enough, are feeding them correctly, did we choose the right car seat, the right diapers, the right stroller.  We seem to be constantly second guessing ourselves and it is exhausting!  Let me help you tap into your momtuition, that instinct that is in there, buried under all the external voices telling how and when to do things.  Your ability to parent your own baby is so strong, Infant Massage is the tool I use to help you turn inwards and start trusting your mothering instincts.


The truth is, there is no one right or wrong way to parent.  Every baby, every parent and every family is different, what works for one person, may not be right for someone else.  Finding the guidance and support you need so that you can find your own path will help you enjoy your parenting journey all the way along.



This is for you if:


  • You want to enjoy more relaxed and calm days with your baby but you need a few techniques to help you.  

  • You are struggling to bond with your little one and you could use some guidance on how to connect

  • You want the confidence to trust your parenting instincts so you’re not constantly googling every little thing.  

  • You have a partner who wants to be more involved with your baby and a relaxing baby massage routine sounds like the perfect bonding activity for them. 



Many families with insurance coverage will be able to claim this under their baby’s massage coverage, as I am a Registered Massage Therapist.


This course is done in person over a 2 - 3 week period.


This course  is ideal for babies from 3 weeks - crawling.  Once they are moving they are not super happy to lie still for any reason, even a great massage!

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