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Treatment of the Pregnant Pelvis

This course will provide a comprehensive prenatal course that will teach you additional critical information on how you can treat your pregnant clients and provide relief for them on a variety of common prenatal soft tissue dysfunction.

What sets this course apart from any other Prenatal massage course is the in-depth look at the soft tissue of the pregnant pelvis, the boney pelvis and the relationship that the uterus and baby have with the pelvis. The specific soft tissue releases that I teach will help balance the pelvis, creating a welcome nest for the uterus/baby to rest and grow in, as well as make the baby’s journey an easier one. The online course is broken into eight online modules for the therapists to complete prior to the 2 day in person hands on workshop.

What to expect in this course:

1) Pregnancy basics including changes to the body at different stages of pregnancy and how they affect the physical body 

2) How to safely position and drape a pregnant body prone, supine and side-lying at any stage of pregnancy 

3) Specific soft tissue treatment for the unique structures of the pregnant pelvis including but not limited to the ligaments of the uterus and pelvic bones. 

4) Important Contraindications for treatment and any special tests or assessments that can be performed prior to treatment. 

5) A complete Program guide, anatomical teaching pelvis and certificate of completion at the end of the workshop.

8 online modules + 16hrs of in person hands-on training

Your investment: $600+GST

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Over the past 22 years I've had the opportunity to learn from some incredible teachers and I'm thrilled to be able to share my specialized knowledge with you!  I've spent the last 10 years focusing my practice and continued education on Pregnancy, Postpartum and infants and I look forward to helping you expand your practice in these areas.

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Be confident in massaging your pregnant clients - this course will take your massage skills to the next level!

Continuing Education

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