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Comfort Measures for Birth

Providing you and your partner with a wide variety of tools so that you can birth Comfortably and Confidently

Doula at Home

Massage Techniques

Your birthing partner will learn a variety of massage techniques and counter pressures to encourage relaxation in your body and alleviate or reduce discomfort particularly in the hips and back.

Doula at Home
First Kicks
Young Couple Expecting

 Birth your own way

Over this 3 hour workshop you will learn several different techniques to help you move through your birth easily and more confidently.  Some of the techniques we'll cover include: birthing positions, breathing techniques, physical tools, massage techniques, hydrotherapy, and more

Birth Doula with Couple

Physical and Emotional Support

You and your partner will learn a variety of labouring and birthing positions and the importance of a supportive birthing team.  I will help you understand the different sensations you may feel, so that you can work with your body with more ease and comfort.

my upcoming workshops:

Sunday Sept 18th, 2022 1-4pm

All workshops will take place in person at Hive Wellness Studio in Regina, Sk  Group sizes will be kept small, so reserve your spot today!

Investment: $97.00 +gst / expectant family

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