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You are expecting and are nearly through your first trimester and are looking for a calm and connected birth experience.  Perhaps this is your first child and you want to ensure that you are in control of your birth choices or it is your second and you are looking for a more positive experience then your first one.  


You have looked into or dabbled in some online training on birthing or read a few books and while the information sounded good, you are still left wanting more information and support.  You are looking for more coaching and guidance, where you can discuss all the questions you have with an experienced birth educator and meet other like minded parents who you can relate to and connect with.


You want to feel empowered through your birth and set yourself up for the best postpartum stage possible.  You strongly desire to breastfeed, you want to enjoy the first few months with your new baby even through sleepless nights, and you want to feel connected to your partner as you bond as a new family.


This is entirely possible for you!


In my 5 week Intuitive birth course, I help you to:


  • Understand how your body works during birthing so that you can stay relaxed and birth comfortably and easily.  

  • Learn tools and techniques that help you to stay relaxed during labour so that you can work with your body (and not against it) to avoid the fear, tension and pain cycle that gets in the way of the birth you want.

  • Empower you with the knowledge to advocate for yourself and your baby and how to ask questions so that you feel confident in your conversations with your care providers (such as the doctors and nurses supporting you through pregnancy and birth).    

  • Give your partner specific tools to help support you through labour and birth.  

  • Uncover any subconscious fears or past traumas that will interfere with your positive birth mindset.  

  • Release those fears and traumas and replace them with positive birth affirmation.  

  • Set yourself up for a positive postpartum experience where we will talk about:

    • What normal breastfeeding looks like and how to achieve it.

    • What normal newborn behaviour looks like and how to navigate it (sleeping, diapering, feeding times, etc..)

  • Gain the knowledge to achieve your best birth possible!



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In today’s world birth is seen as a medical, hyper-managed event and this can undermine a mom’s ability to be able to achieve her own birth.  When we are told by our care providers that our baby is too big, too small, we aren’t dilating fast enough, not going into labour soon enough, you have too much amniotic fluid or not enough, etc… we believe that our bodies are failing us and we need to be rescued or managed.  This simply does not have to be the case.  

Birthing at its most basic form is just a body function (a super miraculous one!) and we have to learn to work with it.  Following the lead of our own body and allowing our birthing intuition to take over, we can achieve a positive birth as nature intended.  As a registered HypnoBirthing educator, I help you tap into your birthing intuition and empower you with the knowledge, tools, and techniques to be confident, calm and in control of your birthing experience.  

This is for you if:


  • You want a positive birth experience but don’t know how to achieve it.  

  • You had a less than satisfactory previous birth and want this time to be better.

  • You want the confidence to talk to your care providers, the knowledge to ask the right questions, and understand your options for pregnancy and birth.  

  • You have a partner who wants to be involved and needs some guidance on how they can best support you through your labour and birth.  

  • You know that your body is meant to do this and you are looking for the support to allow it to do its thing.

  • You want to set yourself up for the best postpartum experience possible.

"When you change the way you view birth, the way you birth will change."
-Marie F. Mongan


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