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In our practice we are passionate about supporting women during their prenatal, postpartum and early parenting years through prenatal education, and massage therapy.  We believe we all deserve to have empowered birth and postpartum experiences and we want to help you achieve this during your own journey.

As fully qualified Registered Massage Therapists with advanced training in prenatal care, we will listen to you and discuss your health needs to create the ideal treatment specific to your goals.  We will also issue you a receipt for your treatments which you are welcome to claim through your insurance.


As your certified Infant Massage practitioner Janna will teach you some calming techniques, as well as techniques that can aid your baby in their digestive and congestion issues.  Learning how to massage your baby is a fantastic way to bond through your gentle, loving touch.

Please feel free to use the contact page if you have any questions. If you would like to book a prenatal, postpartum or therapeutic massage treatment, please use the online booking and registration links.  We look forward to working with you!

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