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As a Remedial Massage Therapist

I use skilled manipulation combined with in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology to bring about pain relief, correcting and normalizing the body’s muscles and soft tissues.

What to expect

Before treatment begins I will complete a ‘client assessment’: this includes asking you about your current physical condition (there are some conditions for which massage is not appropriate), stress levels, and whether or not any part of your body is particularly sensitive.


How often should I come for treatments?

This is one of the most common questions I get asked, and honestly every person and situation is different but the general rule of thumb is as follows:
At the beginning, two to three session’s one week apart is best to give maximum benefit, as every massage session builds on the gains from previous sessions. After that about once a month seems to be the most beneficial for massage to keep its positive effects.


Massage Techniques I offer


Therapeutic Massage

Massage Therapy is one of the oldest forms of therapy. This effective, non invasive, all natural form of treatment helps decrease pain and stress, while enhancing one’s ability to return to their optimal level of heath. Massage Therapy has been shown to be quite helpful in decreasing the discomfort of, as well as preventing the occurrence of:
Back pain
Neck and shoulder discomfort
Carpal tunnel
Repetitive strain injuries
Muscle spasms or strains
…while promoting:
Stress relief
Increased energy
Improved circulation
And more
It is a great compliment to a healthier lifestyle.



perinatal massage

It has been stated that Massage Therapy during pregnancy and postpartum stages is one of the most wonderful, restorative and relaxing things you can do for yourself. During this time of tremendous physical, mental, and emotional change Massage Therapy has been shown to:

Reduce tension
Release joint pressure in wrists ankles and hips
Relieve headaches
Ease jaw pain
Reduce swelling
Promote relaxation
Improve circulation
Lower blood pressure
Decrease stress
Promote the elimination of waste
Alleviate sciatic pain
This all natural, drug free form of health care can support and nourish you and your body during this very exciting yet unpredictable time of life.


My Goal as your Therapist

My goal is to provide you, my client, with your own individual treatment that will help you achieve pain free movement which is essential for living an active and healthy lifestyle. 

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